Five years ago this month, we started TuDiabetes because we saw a problem: too many people with diabetes were feeling isolated instead of benefiting from the shared experience they could have by connecting to other people with diabetes.

Today, Diabetes Hands Foundation's networks allow members to find support locally and globally. Our more than 23,000 members describe the TuDiabetes family as a lifeline, a source of guidance, a sanctuary, and even a college education! We connect advocates, artists, dreamers, thinkers, and people touched by diabetes of all types so that all of us may live a more expansive life with diabetes.

I sit back and reflect on where we were five years ago and where we are now:

- I have learned to stay flexible, both about my diabetes (not pretending to be perfect) and in the way we do things on TuDiabetes and the Diabetes Hands Foundation (adapting to changing circumstances, challenges, and signals along the way).

- I am more hopeful than ever: I have had the opportunity to talk with (and share the conversations on video) with some of the world's most brilliant minds working to make our lives better and one day have diabetes be a thing of the past.

- I have witnessed the power of social media beyond socializing: seeing how connected people touched by diabetes now feel better understood and more empowered. Who would have imagined this when MySpace was the big thing?

On our fifth birthday, please help us keep going strong in our mission to improve the lives of people living with diabetes worldwide.

If all members of TuDiabetes donate $5, we will raise more than $100,000. Our goal is less ambitious: we are seeking to raise $20,000 before the end of March. So we ask you to give us 5 dollars, or more if you can.

Thank you for your support! And here's to another 5 years!

Manny Hernandez

President. The Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Suzanne Clough $1000.00
Steven Edelman $275.00 Tu Diabetes es Mi Diabertes!
Rueben Almaraz $10.00 Thank you Manny for keeping the Dream Alive! This donation was in memory of my mother who I lost to diabetes and cancer.
Donna C $10.00 Good luck!
Steve Roche $25.00
Anonymous Donor $200.00 Thanks for all your hard work!!!!
Carly $10.00 Thanks so much for being here! =)
Greg and $100.00
Shawnmarie $25.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Thank you for all that you do for our community.
JAMES SCHILLINGER $5.00 49 years type 1
David Carr $10.00
Morris Hudson $20.00 New member, I looking forward to learning.
Anonymous Donor $10.00 Thanks for the great info and support--keep on going
Brenda Negus $75.00 TuDiabetes has been so helpful with teaching me to manage my TI diabetes and making the decision to get a pump. Thank you.
Pauly $10.00
Michael McClure $10.00 Thanks to Manny, Andreina and all the members. Wish I'd had something like this place to go to 30 years ago... but the fact that it is here now is what is really important.
Rodger Pogue $20.00
Natalie ._c- $20.00 If I was richer, I'd give more, but I'm glad I can give something! :-)
Anonymous Donor $20.00 Thank you to TuDiabetes...the friend and source that is always there.
Patricia Wohlin $25.00 Thanks Manny!
Jonathan Richman $25.00 Good luck with the fundraising and thanks for all of your amazing work, Manny.
Anonymous Donor $75.00
Margaret (Molly) $25.00
Molly Urban $25.00
Sharon Edgar $10.00
Anonymous Donor $1000.00
Amanda Paveglio $25.00 So glad you are here
Corrie $10.00
Jane K. $5.00 Thanks for all the work you are doing to connect people with diabetes.
Richard Cosgrove $10.00 Manny, keep up the good work.
Till Seuring $5.00
Andreina Mendoza $20.00 Congrats in your 5th anniversary :)
David Greenblatt $18.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Lisa Chiang $50.00 I just joined but I'm already impressed how members have welcomed me.
Alan Napoles $50.00
BadMoonT2 $50.00
C. Read $10.00
Denise K. $10.00
Anonymous Donor $40.00
Liz Mills $10.00 I wish I could give more. Thanks for all your work Manny and everybody!!
Anonymous Donor $500.00 It's all about community and connecting!!!
Jim S. $5.00
Kristy $10.00
Florence Carter $10.00
Bob Bolton $10.00
Marshall $5.00
Russell Dubin $10.00
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